The Mille feuilles is a classic French pastry made up of layers of flaky puff pastry and a creamy filling, typically pastry cream. The name “Mille feuilles” literally translates to “a thousand sheets” in French, referencing the many layers of puff pastry. This delicious dessert is a perfect combination of flaky, buttery pastry and creamy, rich filling, making it a favourite among pastry lovers. Perfect for any occasions, whether it be birthdays, weddings, or simply a special treat. Its elegant appearance makes it a perfect addition to any dessert table. Order now and experience the classic French delicacy, the Millefoglie, and impress your guests with its irresistible taste and presentation.

To keep the crispiness of the puff pastry, it is better to eat this cake on the same day.
Flo is making them fresh in the morning before delivering around botany in Sydney.

Delivery every Friday Saturday and Sunday morning or pick up available from Botany.

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