Do you have a front shop?

No, we are only online doing pick up and delivery.

Where are you located?

We were in Rosebery before and are now in Botany. 1445 botany road.

When and where do you deliver ?

Delivery is available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning around Botany (10-12km maximum)
We can go further for large order, just contact us.

When does pick up is available?

During the week after 4pm. Thursday to Sunday morning.

Do you have gluten free, eggs free and lactose free option?

Yes, we have a few cake and all our tarts gluten free. We have 1 Vegan product and our Flan is Egg Free.

My wife is pregnant, what can she have?

A lot of people asked us about raw eggs, none of our product contain raw eggs, every eggs are at least cooked over 85 degrees to make sure they are safe for everyone including pregnant person.

Where did you learn how to make cake?

I studied pastry in France and worked for a few years in Monaco, Paris and Amiens before coming in Australia. I have now more than 10 years experience as a pastry chef.

When did you start?

We opened in april 2018 with just 2 product, croissant and pain au chocolat and since then developed our range of breakfast, cake, tarts and more.

Are you still doing market?

No, we did kirribili market during more than 2 years but with covid and the little one joining the family we have decided to stop and focus on our online order.